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How Technology Is Going To Change The Future Of Property Claims

(Part 2 of our “Claims in 2030” series)   Last week we started an exploration of what the property insurance claims departments might look like in 12 years from today with the help of PWC’s Claims Workforce of the Future: 2030 report. This series discusses the possibilities of what the future of the claims industry... [Read More]

Is Your Claims Department Thinking About The Year 2030 Yet? We Are

Technology is changing the way the world works. No matter the field, technology has and will continue to have a profound effect on everything. The world of insurance is no different and the way claims are handled will see the most significant changes. We’ve seen a lot of advancement made in the Insurance industry in... [Read More]

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Introducing The All New Symbility Claims Connect

For policyholders, there’s only one thing that really matters when it comes to dealing with their insurance carrier; how fast can you help them get their life back to normal after they’ve submitted a claim? This means that as an insurer or vendor, your number one focus should be around helping policyholders get that relief... [Read More]

Make The Impossible Possible

Welcome to 2018! Every spin around the sun we take, the world gets more progressive. Technology keeps on advancing and finding ways to make almost everything in our lives easier and faster. As technology changes, so do the people who use it. This means that your employees, your contractors, and your customers are all becoming... [Read More]

EagleView Reports Are Now Integrated Directly In The Symbility Platform

In the world of property claims, having accurate and available information is vital to getting repairs done quickly and properly. This, in turn, helps to create the best possible situation for the policyholder who just wants the disruption to be dealt with and completed as quickly and smoothly as possible. To make sure that our... [Read More]