QA within ClaimsConnect

Identify recurring issues, and improve processes.

Quality Assurance

The capability enables users to electronically review and re-inspect claims, check for errors, and verify conformity to the company’s best practices.

The cumulative data from the use of Quality Connect can later be used to produce reports and statistics, to identify recurring issues, and to improve processes.


Evaluate claims using questionnaires configured to your company’s practices and procedures.


Reinspection results and data can be kept confidential from other company entities. Readily review re-inspection results and data or configure them to be confidential from other company entities.


Make changes to a claim without affecting the original estimate.


Reduce re-inspection time by an average of 30 minutes per claim file compared to when an external review system was used.

DeskAdjuster & VideoConnect

Together with Symbility Video Connect, a live video collaboration tool, is a powerful combination that guides desk adjusters to ask the right questions consistently through all the steps of the claim process and visually capture scope information, right at the FNOL stage.