Make Smarter Business Decisions

Change for the better doesn’t always come from one major change, rather many little changes. With CoreLogic’s Symbility Analytics Services you have a partner to help you understand your claims business from a zoomed-in perspective and enables you to find those small changes that will help improve efficiency and create savings opportunities.

From self-service to partial and full claims data analytics consulting services, we have options that suit your needs:

Self-service Options

Report Builder

Create your own reports based on various aspects of your insurance claims process directly inside CoreLogic’s Symbility Platform products. Report Builder will allow you to look at your own data for insights that can help you to make smart business decisions. Through the ability to create multiple chart styles and run several reports at once Report Builder will allow companies to incrementally improve their overall business.

Business Intelligence

A self-serve business intelligence module, powered by Logi Analytics, embedded directly in CoreLogic’s Symbility Claims Connect product. With customizable dashboards, insurers will quickly be able to see what needs attention in their claims process. Investigate root causes with interactive template reports and monitor progress using industry trends, unique CoreLogic property data, and data mining capabilities.

Consulting Services

Analytics Services

CoreLogic’s Symbility Analytics Services consist of a highly experienced team of analytic experts who can perform an array of professional analytics services either for or in tandem with insurance providers. The expertise of this team will help to identify possible issues and work with you to come up with and test solutions that can improve times, efficiency, and costs throughout your claims process.

Optimizing Your Company’s Performance

CoreLogic’s Continuous Improvement Process is our proven method to track and tweak an insurance company’s claims performance as the months and years go by via a continuous improvement process. This process is recommended for any company using Symbility Analytics whether through self-serve solutions or professional services.

For more information, see our larger framework.

Quality Success

  • Identify and Reinforce Strong Adjuster Behaviors & Performance
  • Evaulate Challenges
  • Identify New Opportunities
  • Ad Hoc Work/Dive Deep Into the Data

Identify Changes

  • Complete Baseline Study
  • Clarify Best Practices
  • Prioritize and Plan for Change

Measure Impact to Change

  • Analyze Repair Estimate Data
  • Performance Industry Comparison
  • Quantify Degree of Financial Variance
  • Calculate Financial Impact

Initiate Change

  • Communicate Need for Change
  • Create Sense of Urgency
  • Educate and Train
  • Mobilize Commitment to Change
Cost Efficiency

Further Reading about the CoreLogic Analytics Framework

Want to better understand how CoreLogic’s self-serve solutions or customized professional services can be used to help improve your claims process for faster, more efficient, and possibly cost-saving results? Download our Analytics Framework Book today.

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