Today’s Policyholders Want:

Technology And Processes That Work With Their Modern Lifestyle

Your policyholders are always looking for new ways with less friction to get what they need from the services they use. Are you able to deliver?

To Not Feel Like A Faceless Number

Customers want interactions that make them feel like someone actually cares about them. Are you doing this for your policyholders?

To Always Know What Is Happening With Their Claim

No one likes to be left in the dark. Especially when they’re waiting for their life to be put back together. What are you doing to keep your policyholders informed?

To Get Their Lives Back To Normal As Quickly As Possible

Policyholders don’t want to need your services, but when they do, they do so with the intention of getting their lives back to normal. They need to know that you want the same for them.

I want to give my policyholders the experience they deserve

Keeping Your Policyholders Happy Is What Keeps Your Business Going

When a policyholder calls you to make a claim, it’s usually not a high point in their week. They are having a major problem and calling on you to help them make it better. When they are at such a low point, they need to you give them a great experience and make their lives feel normal again.

Happy Policyholders Are More Likely To Renew Their Policies

81% of highly satisfied claimants say they would renew a policy in J.D. Power’s U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study 2016

I want more happy Policyholders

Symbility Gives You Ways To Make Your Policyholders Active Participants In The Claim Experience:

Collaborative communication with policyholders, keeping them engaged and up to speed throughout the claims process.

When offered, Symbility LINK was adopted by 58% of a large carrier’s customers so they could be more involved with their claim.

Live video collaboration between policyholders and desk adjusters.

Work closely together to perform complete and secure remote inspections of damaged property.

Achieve Virtual Adjusting With These Products

  • Claims Connect - Cloud-based claims workflow management platform. The heart of your claims process.
  • Desk Adjuster - A smart guided experience to create full estimates right from FNOL
  • Video Connect - Video collaboration tool that enables policyholders to give live views of damages to staff adjusters directly through their mobile device
  • LINK - Collaborative communication tool to bridge the gap between policyholders and insurers
"For Aviva and our partners, it is important to help maintain a consistent experience throughout the claims process. The software has allowed us to deliver key information to our policyholders quickly and seamlessly, resulting in reduced inbound calls from customers seeking updates, which increases our teams and partners ability to resolve claims faster."
Kelly Robson | Aviva’s UKGI Home Claims Director
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