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We get excited any time we’re presented with a chance to tell people the story of Symbility and what it means to the insurance industry. And now that we are part of CoreLogic, we have so much more to share. So when our friends at FourSeventy Claims Management invited us to participate in their ongoing InsurTech podcast, we gladly accepted the opportunity.

While we’ve always been fond of sharing our story, having our Executive, James Swayze, on the FNO: Insurtech podcast right now seemed like perfect timing. As many of you know, in December of 2018 Symbility was acquired by CoreLogic. This acquisition has allowed our story, and our company, to grow expansively. And we’re still going. So, now seemed like a great time to talk about where we came from, but more importantly, where we’re going.

We won’t give away too much, but here are a few highlights that you’ll find by listening to this episode of the FNO: Insurtech podcast:

James starts off the episode explaining Symbility’s humble beginnings and how we’ve helped both insurers and the insured over the years. But, with CoreLogic, we now have a more significant opportunity and are able to find new ways to help people when it comes to one of their most important investments, their home. James and the FourSeventy team take a look at all the things CoreLogic does, where Symbility fits into the business, and where CoreLogic will be in the near future. One topic that they spoke in length about was the role that data plays for insurers today, how precise data will continue to drive growth in organizations in the coming years. Specifically, how a comprehensive set of property data, which CoreLogic specializes in, will help so many to do their jobs in new, faster, and better ways.

“If you can track a pizza on Domino’s—surely you can track where you are on your claim.” – James Swayze

Another interesting topic that the group discusses during the podcast is how important it is to have an open and secure platform that allows insurers to do more while using the products that make the most sense for their business. Big tech companies like Apple and Google know that they need to be where people are, even if it’s on the others’ devices, so why shouldn’t the Insurtech market give their customers the best options possible in a similar way?

One last big topic that is discussed is the importance of giving consumers choice and power. James firmly believes that by making great products and services that focus on helping policyholders, they will, in turn, get carriers and the entire vendor community, to adopt those technologies. Symbility is focused on creating exceptional experiences for everyone our business touches, and it’s important to remember that policyholders are a big part of the insurance equation.

These are just a few highlights, you can hear the whole thing with more highlights by searching out the FNO: Insurtech podcast on your favourite podcast listening app, or stream it right from their site, here.