Bringing Artificial Intelligence To Insurance

As we continue on our path of bringing the latest technological innovations into the world of insurance, we’re incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with, a leader in the world of artificial intelligence. Working hand-in-hand, and Symbility are exploring ways that artificial intelligence (A.I.) can best be used to help create efficiencies... [Read More]

Augmented Reality For The Insurance Industry

As technology advances and becomes more available to a wider audience, we tend to analyze how that tech advancement can benefit us, our clients, and your clients. Computers were once giant machines that took up entire rooms. Today, one smartphone holds more computing power than all the computers used during the first moon landing combined.... [Read More]

Take Aways From The Connected Claims USA Summit

Last November, I was very excited to hear that Insurance Nexus was putting together a new event around claims, technology, and the customer experience. Excited? Really? How could I not be? That’s what I have been doing for the last 20 years! So, despite the fact that this was the first edition of the event,... [Read More]

Finding the Right Partners

The face of insurance is quickly changing. As better technology, such as artificial intelligence and image recognition, becomes more viable for commercial uses and consumers get more technically savvy the business of claims must keep pace. Luckily, there is no shortage of new incumbent companies in the insurance space taking full advantage of the latest and... [Read More]

6 People to Follow on Twitter for Insurtech

While we want everyone to get Insurtech news and other important insurance content from our newly launched blog, we graciously acknowledge that there are a lot of smart people out there with a great deal of ideas and insights in the space. We know this because we follow them as well. There are certainly a... [Read More]

Welcome to Symbility Property Insights

Hello and welcome to the brand new Symbility Property Insights blog! At Symbility, we have been creating technology and solutions to make the process of insurance claims better and easier for everyone, from carriers to the policyholders and everyone in between, for over 12 years. We’ve been in the “InsurTech” business since long before the... [Read More]