Every Step Of Your Claims Process Can Cost You:


Time is the enemy of a policyholder. When they make a claim, they do so in an attempt to get their home back to normal as quickly as possible. Have you thought about how you can you make your claims process faster?


The claims process doesn’t need to be hard. Advances in technology have many aspects of resolving a claim easier than they have ever been. So why are you wasting time and manpower still doing things the hard way?


Every little thing adds up. The more people that need to be involved in a claim or the longer it takes to resolve will cost you money. Wouldn’t you want to make your claims process easier and faster so you can also save money?

Policyholders’ Trust

Policyholders’ rely on you in their most vulnerable times. They chose you because they trusted you to do everything possible to help them get their lives back to normal. What happens when they don’t think you’re doing enough to try to help them?

Products Designed To Help Your Business

Everything that Symbility does is designed to help your business. We create products that give you the ability to reduce time, effort, and costs associated with resolving claims, while increasing what you can do to help get your policyholders’ life back to normal faster.

Reduce Cycle Times

Working with Symbility tools and offerings can greatly reduce the life of a claim from FNOL to resolution.

Carriers engaged with Symbility’s analytics team have an average “Received to Contact” time of 1.83 days vs the industry average of 2.4 days.

Decrease Call Centre Volume

Working with Symbility tools and offerings can greatly reduce the life of a claim from FNOL to resolution.

Symbility LINK has already allowed one large carrier to reduce calls by 20%.

Increase Estimate Accuracy

Using standardized estimate questioning and databases to create estimates helps to keep consistency and accuracy through all claims whether done in the field or at the desk.

Make Better Business Decisions

Customizable dashboards and reports lets you quickly see what needs attention and allows you to focus on key aspects of your claims performance.

Achieve Better Operational Efficiency With These Products

  • Claims Connect - Cloud-based claims workflow management platform. The heart of your claims process.
  • Mobile Claims - Easy to use all-in-one in field estimating tool
  • Desk Adjuster - A smart guided experience to create full estimates right from FNOL
  • Video Connect - Video collaboration tool that enables policyholders to give live views of damages to staff adjusters directly through their mobile device
  • LINK - Collaborative communication tool to bridge the gap between policyholders and insurers
  • Business Intelligence - Understand the story your claims data is telling you
  • Quality Connect - A dynamic re-inspection tool
"While changing software providers may sound scary, it doesn’t have to be. The benefits associated with switching can make a tangible difference in how fast, efficient, and accurate claims estimates can be. After AFR made the switch to Symbility, completing estimates in Mobile Claims was at least 50% faster than our previous estimating platform."
Lauren Shryock | Property Adjuster, AFR Insurance
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The Core Principle Behind Everything Symbility Offers Is To Help Make The Claims Process, From Fnol To Resolution Easier, Faster, More Efficient, And More Cost Effective For You, Your Employees, And Your Policyholders