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Welcome to 2018!

Every spin around the sun we take, the world gets more progressive. Technology keeps on advancing and finding ways to make almost everything in our lives easier and faster. As technology changes, so do the people who use it. This means that your employees, your contractors, and your customers are all becoming savvier and demand more from the companies they work with. A recent study reported in Insurance Thought Leadership showed that no matter where a carrier thinks they are currently, they can always do more to improve and serve their policyholders better with technology.

Continuous improvement to customer experience in claims is critical to any strategy. After all, claims are a real ‘moment of truth’ for insurers, with meaningful impacts on outcomes and customer loyalty. Insurers that craft the right strategies and deploy the right mix of digital technologies will be able to turn their claims operations into a source of competitive advantage, market differentiation, and brand perception.

In the past, being able to think about the future, test new ideas and technologies was a “nice to have” in the insurance industry. However, in today’s environment, there is no more nice to have. Innovation has become a must do. As your policyholders demand more, they also are not afraid to go out and find someone else that will give it to them if they can’t get it from your company. Loyalty to brands doesn’t mean what it once did. People are now loyal to whomever can give them what they want, the way that they want.

So, how do you deliver big on innovation for your customers and employees alike?

Making big changes may seem like a hard task, but it doesn’t need to be. The first thing that you need to remember is that you don’t have to tackle the future alone. Here at Symbility, our whole goal is to help companies make their claims processes better, faster, easier to use, and more efficient for all stakeholders at your company. We’ve spent over 12 years designing platforms and systems aimed at transforming the claims industry, bringing it into the modern digital age, and taking advantage of the latest and greatest technologies to make sure things can get done quickly, accurately and securely.

Some ways we’ve done this to date include Claims Connect, our cloud-based claims management platform that helps carriers to keep track of everything related to the claims process; from who’s involved in the claim on your end and your third-party contractors, to where exactly the claim is on its process to resolution. Symbility Mobile Claims has given new power and speed to claims adjusters, as it allows them to create diagrams, add photos, and even pull up pricing information directly from their mobile device while in the field. We’ve even created technology to help bring your policyholder’s experience into the modern age with LINK, a web application that allows them to submit claims information and stay in contact and up-to-date with you as your process their claims so that they’re never in the dark about what is happening with their claim. And this is just a short intro to our long line of products that are already helping carriers, their supply chains, and their policyholders today.

If you haven’t started thinking about how you’re going to bring your claims process into 2018 yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many companies have adopted and have taken advantage of Symbility products to improve their claims processes, but there are many more still waiting for someone like us to come along. We recently imagined what it might look like for companies that aren’t using Symbility yet to improve their process and do better for their customers and came up with a series of web-shorts that show what that might be like. Does this sound familiar to you?:

If that scenario sounds familiar to you, we’d love to talk to you and help you to bring innovation and technology to your claims process.

And if you’d like to watch the entire “In A World Without Symbility” web-series, click here and stream them all today.

We can’t wait to work with you this year!