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We’re excited to announce that users can now show off their level of Symbility product mastery with our brand new Symbility Assessment.

Our new assessment program can be used by Insurance Carriers, IA Firms, Independent Adjusters and other vendors to assess the knowledge level of a Symbility Mobile Claims user/group of users. As more companies adopt Symbility’s claims ecosystem, they’re searching for knowledgeable and experienced adjusters that know the software. This assessment has been built to help those organizations find skilled users or help to demonstrate that your team is ready and able to handle any work that comes your way.

Today, we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a little bit about our process, why we created this assessment, and how we got here.

The intention behind creating the assessment came from the fact that we had a large demand from insurance carriers wanting to be able to tap into a pool of skilled Independent Adjusters as they required them for jobs. As part of the Training Team for Symbility, I can tell you that we’re constantly training new users as well as offering advanced/refresher trainings, so we know that you skilled users are out there, we just needed a way to connect you with our insurance carrier clients. Our idea was to create a tool that can quickly gauge someone’s skill level and understanding of our system. That developed into our Symbility Assessment.

We dove right into gathering data by talking to Symbility account managers, our Support team, and to you, our clients. Those conversations helped us narrow things down and figure out what content to focus on. That led us to our biggest challenge; writing the questions.

When you take the assessment you’re tested on 50 multiple choice questions. However, our question bank is much larger than that. That means we had to write a lot of questions because every time a user takes the assessment some of the questions will be re-used in a new order while other new questions are cycled into use. This mixes things up so that each assessment experience is unique and helps us really gauge each individual users’ understanding of Mobile Claims.

If you’re familiar with Mobile Claims, you’re probably well aware that there’s often more than one way to do something. We think that’s one of the things that people love about our system – you might do something differently than the next adjuster, but there’s always a way that will feel right for you. This really made us stop and think about the questions we’re asking in the assessment. How do you ask a question when there’s more than one correct answer? We accounted for questions with several correct answers, so here’s a hint to all future assessment takers: be sure you read all possible answers very thoroughly. We’d also like you to keep in mind that the assessment isn’t designed to give you an easy 100%, we really want you to stop and think about the questions. Sure, that makes this a little more challenging, but we encourage you to take the assessment while you’re logged in to Mobile Claims (consider it an open book test). Plus, remember that there’s often more than one way to do something in our system, well, we think you might just learn something new while you’re at it.

So, after a lot of brainstorming, writing questions, editing questions, Beta testing within Symbility staff, Beta testing with Symbility users, gathering feedback, and, of course, some more revisions, we’re happy to offer you our Symbility Assessment!

You can take the Symbility Assessment here.

Good luck!