Sending Adjusters Into The Field For Smaller Claims Can Be Costly:

It Costs You Time

Sending an adjuster out to the field to create an estimate for a small claim can take that adjuster a few hours per claim. Is waiting for a lot of small claims estimates clogging up your workflow?

It Costs You Manpower

You have a limited staff of Adjusters to spread out amongst all your claims. Could their time be better spent on things that aren’t small claims?

It Costs You Money

The cost behind having an adjuster in the field is not cheap. What if you could increase the efficiency of your adjusters without increasing their workload?

It Costs You Frustration

You already have a team of people that can move small claims forward without all the additional costs associated with doing field adjusting. Isn’t it time you empowered them to do so?

I want to do more while saving more

Virtual Adjusting Is The Cost Effective Way To Settle Small Claims Quickly & Efficiently

Virtual Adjusting empowers your front line staff to easily help policyholders with small claims to get their lives headed back to normal as soon as possible. Using the latest in mobile video technology and systems that ensure consistent and accurate estimates, CoreLogic | Symbility’s Virtual Adjusting solutions can increase the efficiency of your team while decreasing your overall adjusting costs.

Virtual Adjusting Makes Claims Easier And More Consistent

Every field adjuster has their own system and style, but when adjusting is done at the desk claims look more consistent. CoreLogic | Symbility’s Virtual Adjusting solutions walk desk adjusters through specific questions in a specific order that uses a smart engine to adjust depending on the type of claim and the answers being given by policyholders.

I want smarter, more consistent estimates

Since Implementing CoreLogic | Symbility’s Virtual Adjusting Solutions:

One EU carrier saw the average number of times adjusters were needed in the field reduced by 66% on claims under $5k
Another shifted their process to take advantage of the opportunity Virtual Adjusting presented and in doing so, increased their staff of desk adjusters by 150%

Achieve Virtual Adjusting With These Products

  • Claims Connect - Cloud-based claims workflow management platform. The heart of your claims process.
  • Desk Adjuster - A smart guided experience to create full estimates right from FNOL
  • Video Connect - Video collaboration tool that enables policyholders to give live views of damages to staff adjusters directly through their mobile device
  • LINK - Collaborative communication tool to bridge the gap between policyholders and insurers

Corelogic | Symbility’s Virtual Adjusting Solutions Gives Your Staff The Power To Do More & Get Your Policyholders’ Claims Settled Faster

Learn how virtual adjusting can help your team work smarter