Live Video Collaboration

Symbility Video Connect™ is a groundbreaking live video collaboration tool that helps consumers own more of their claim process. Policyholders can interact directly with an insurance adjuster at the First Notice of Loss stage, working closely together to perform a complete and secure remote inspection of the damaged property.

Technical Specifications:

SightCall | Librestream

How it Works

Symbility Video Connect enables the adjuster to use the camera and other integrated capabilities on the policyholder’s smartphone or tablet to capture scope information.

This process enables the adjuster to gather the documentation and information required to determine the services needed and complete the estimate, in some cases, in real time.


Consumer Self-Service

Policyholders can become active participants in 
their claim


Enables insurance companies to leverage skilled appraisers across a wider geographic location

Cost Reduction

Improve overall customer service through faster and more accurate claim settlement and supplement processing

Better Service

An entirely new way to estimate utilizing advanced logic-based questionnaires


Fraud protection thanks to geocoding for all video recordings and photo documentation


Improves estimate accuracy through damage recognition and customer engagement