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While we want everyone to get Insurtech news and other important insurance content from our newly launched blog, we graciously acknowledge that there are a lot of smart people out there with a great deal of ideas and insights in the space. We know this because we follow them as well.

There are certainly a few folks in the social sphere talking about InsurTech and we put together a shortlist of 6 of our favourites to follow on Twitter. Go follow these great thought leaders as well:

Matteo Carbone – Matteo has had his eye on the world of Insurtech for quite some time. In his previous role at Bain & Company he regularly consulted with clients in the insurance industry around strategy and innovation ideas, so he has some first-hand experience with looking to the future of where InsurTech might be headed. In December, he took this one step further and started a think tank dedicated to looking at the future of the industry, The Connected Insurance Observatory. Follow Matteo on Twitter where he live tweets the many Insurtech related events he attends and for some great articles he shares.


Nigel Walsh – Nigel is another consultant who plays heavily in the insurance industry. As someone who has watched the insurance space evolve while also having an interest in technology, Nigel is on the pulse of what is the latest in Insurtech. We love following Nigel because he is constantly sharing really interesting content, not just about InsurTech, but also the innovation in the industries surrounding insurance like IoT, banking, and other forms of FinTech. You can follow Nigel on Twitter here.


Daniel Schreiber – Daniel is turning the world of insurance and Insurtech on its head, and we’re happily following along watching him do it. Daniel is the co-founder and CEO of Lemonade, a new type of insurance carrier that specializes in homeowner and renters insurance. What’s so cool about what they’re doing is that most of their operation, from the consumers’ standpoint, is all done via mobile chat to a bot that uses machine learning. So there’s no people, just technology that enables people to easily get a great deal on their insurance policy. We also like that the company is using the money saved on people resources to give back to the community through charitable donations. Right now they only operate in New York, but we’re keeping an eye on Daniel to watch as Lemonade expands and he shares his insights with the rest of us through his social feeds. You can follow Daniel on Twitter here.

Sabine VanderLinden – Sabine is heavily involved in leading the charge for the future of Insurtech. Sabrina is currently both the Managing Director for the Insurtech vertical of Startup Bootcamp and the Global Head of Insurtech Innovation for Rainmaking Innovation. In both of these roles she works very closely with startups who are attempting to build out the future of the industry, so she has some pretty good insights on where insurance is heading. To add icing to the cake though, she’s also the co-editor of The Insurtech Book, a crowdsourced book all about the future of Insurtech. It’s pretty safe to say that if you want to learn about where we’re heading, Sabine will know and share her information with you. Follow what she’s sharing on Twitter by clicking here.

Oscar Williams-Grut – Oscar is a reporter for Business Insider. While he covers many verticals for the publication, his main focus is on Fintech and finance. He has a keen eye for spotting emerging trends in these areas and a sarcastic sense of humour when sharing articles on his own feed. Oscar keeps a sharp eye on what’s happening in Fintech and Insurtech so he knows what’s trending for his own articles, but also shares what he’s reading with all his followers so they know too. You can follow Oscar on Twitter here.

Minh Q. Tran – Minh is a general partner at AXA Ventures, a venture capital firm that specializes in investing in Insurtech and Fintech companies. His job is to know what’s up and coming in the world of Insurtech, both from a technology perspective as well as a market demand perspective so that his company knows where to smartly invest their money. This experience and knowledge gets transferred to the rest of us through his blog and what he shares on Twitter. Minh shares a lot of what he’s reading and live updates from events while adding his own commentary and thoughts. You can follow Minh on Twitter here.

These are just a few of the people we like to follow on Twitter to stay up to date on all things Insurtech. We’ve put together a much larger Twitter List with more people that talk about Insurtech that you can follow here.

Who do you follow for Insurtech news and information? Tweet us at @Symbility so we can add them to our list and follow along too.