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TORONTO, ONTARIO — (April 6, 2017) Symbility Intersect (“Intersect”), a division of Symbility Solutions Inc., (“Symbility”) (TSX.V: SY), is proud to announce that they have won the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s (“LCBO”), first ever IT Partner Award at their 2017 Partner Summit. The award recognizes a technology partner that collaborates effectively and efficiently with the LCBO, one of the world’s largest buyers and retailers of beverage alcohol, to help them achieve their IT business goals. Intersect worked in close partnership with the LCBO to build a Centre of Excellence for mobile enablement and create a digital factory for the agile development and efficient digital transformation. This included helping redesign, develop and deploy the LCBO app for both the iOS and Android platforms. Not a typical-looking partner for a government enterprise, Intersect offered a startup-like makeup that not only helped deliver a great product but had a positive impact on the development culture at the LCBO. The relationship has influenced the people, process and tool sets and methodologies in place at the LCBO.

“Working with the Symbility Intersect team was not only a great process, but also a great learning experience,” said Michael Eubanks, IT SVP and CIO for LCBO. “By deeply integrating our teams for this project, we were able to get exposure to and actively practice agile development. This new process will allow us to move quicker and be more efficient from now on. This type of experience is what makes for a great partner.”

The LCBO IT Partner Award was designed to recognize those partners that show service delivery excellence, leadership, innovation, and create relationships that contribute to the LCBO’s priorities and goals. By taking on this project and working hand-in-hand to push and learn from one another, Intersect exemplifies and went beyond each of the qualities.

“We are honoured to be selected as the LCBO IT Partner of the Year. Our job is to help our clients move smarter and faster – regardless of their size – but we see the impact we have on our clients like the LCBO, banks, insurance companies, and other large organizations and it’s a major point of pride for the entire Symbility Intersect team,” said Paul Crowe, CEO of Symbility Intersect. “To the LCBO’s credit, they came to us looking to do things different, and to learn from us with how we approach the strategy, design, and development of great experiences. It’s wonderful to see the LCBO thinking this way and looking to get nimbler and more innovative.”


Michael Eubanks, LCBO IT SVP and CIO, congratulates Symbility Intersect CEO Paul Crowe (centre) and Product Manager Chris Hirst for winning the first-ever IT Partner Award at the 2017 LCBO Partner Summit. The award recognizes a tech partner that collaborates effectively and efficiently with the LCBO to help achieve IT business goals. 

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