Ageas UK believes that by providing their customers with options during the claims journey plays a big part in their success. Ageas decided that one of the paths their policyholders would go down could use some enhancement to make the journey smoother and utilize their team better to guide the way.

That’s when they turned to CoreLogic | Symbility for help.

Trying to Find an Easier Route

Ageas is one of the largest insurance carriers in the United Kingdom and has risen to that position by being extremely focused on creating exceptional experiences for people - their employees, their supply network, and, of course, their policyholders.

The company’s goal is to make life easy for all our customers by making insurance personal.
Rob Hopkins Head of Home, Commercial and Travel Claims Operations, Ageas

One area where delivering on their promise of ease proved to be a bit challenging was when customers decided they wanted a cash settlement instead of allowing Ageas to oversee a property claim straight through restoration. This involved having the policyholder go out and get multiple quotes themselves, but Ageas wanted to give them a way to quickly assess the damage and get a quote in the moment over the phone. They needed a way to empower their own people to do this and selected CoreLogic | Symbility’s Desk Adjuster as the right tool to help guide them.

Finding a Guide and Show Them the Way

Ageas UK has a large team of experienced and knowledgeable handlers working for them. However, when it came to cash settlements, there was only so much they could do for policyholders over the phone. They would take some initial claims details and then pass that information over to adjusters and their supply network who would complete the remainder of the claim. However, Ageas wanted to take better advantage of their own specialized people, so they searched for a tool that would allow their staff to use their knowledge base to do more for policyholders while also keeping a uniform process, helping them attain a minimum loss of indemnity. They landed on Desk Adjuster, a guided question experience that ensures all the right information is gathered from policyholders over the phone.

Desk Adjuster allows Ageas to use our handler’s enhanced knowledge [...] and take a customer through a claims settlement journey so they could settle their claim in that first call.
Rob Hopkins Head of Home, Commercial and Travel Claims Operations, Ageas
Desk Adjuster Door Entry Adjustment Example

Always Keep Your Eyes on the Road

February 2018 launch

Ageas launched Desk Adjuster as a tool that could be used for any cash settlement claim. Together, Ageas and Symbility oversaw the Desk Adjuster launch and were able to handle the issues as they came up as well as tweak processes as they saw necessary.

At the start, [...] we worked with Symbility and said ‘this is what the data is saying and this is what we’re finding, we need your help to understand this more in terms of the customer journey,’ and that has helped us to really refine the process throughout last year.
Rob Hopkins Head of Home, Commercial and Travel Claims Operations, Ageas

November 2018 refinement

And refine the process they did. Just nine months after the initial launch, CoreLogic | Symbility and Ageas sat down and reviewed what had been working well and what hadn’t, and the teams refined the Desk Adjuster questions that were being asked to make the claims journey even smoother for their customers wanting a cash settlement.

New Paths Will Reveal Themselves if You’re Paying Attention

Ageas knows that while their policyholders may easily get to the end of their claims journey, the more extensive journey of providing exceptional experiences is never quite over. Ageas plans to keep refining their process over and over to always ensure their customers are gaining better and better experiences. Rob Hopkins told us that they are currently piloting the use of streaming-video combined with Desk Adjuster so that Ageas can do more by being able to “See the claim through the customer’s eyes.”

Screen shot showing Desk Adjuster's questionnaire for a break-in loss claim