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How Video and Q&A Estimating Can Boost your Desk Adjusting Team

Properly handling a claim, especially at the first notice of loss stage, is critical for your business. It is at that precise moment that you show the policyholder that you can handle their claim with competence and care.

Symbility knows how important this moment is for any carrier and we have created technology that specifically focus on helping desk adjusters quickly and accurately address policyholder’s needs at this initial stage of the claim cycle. Symbility Video Connect™ and Desk Adjuster™ are designed to work together to handle claims this way.

Desk Adjuster is an intuitive Q&A estimating product that helps automate estimate generation and claim settlement. Video Connect is a live video collaboration platform that enables the adjuster to connect remotely with the insured through their mobile device to conduct a remote inspection of the damage.

Using these products together staff adjusters can capture essential information needed to create an accurate estimate and gathering photo and video documentation to support that estimate. This powerful combination will radically change how carriers handle smaller losses in a positive way by cutting down on outsourcing costs while accelerating the claim cycle and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Video Collaboration Webinar

Properly handling a claim, especially at the First Notice of Loss stage, is critical for your businesses. It is at that precise moment that you show the policyholder that you can handle their claim with competence and care. It’s also the best opportunity for you to obtain documentation and information required to determine the services needed to complete the estimate quickly and accurately.

Symbility Video Connect™ allows adjusters to perform live, remote site inspections through an interactive video call with any individual with a mobile device at the loss location. During the call the adjuster guides the policyholder through the damaged area while capturing scope information using the built-in documenting features to record, capture and annotate the loss data. With this captured data adjusters can complete the estimate quickly and accurately and, in some cases, in real-time at reduced costs.

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Symbility LINK

This collaborative white-labelled web application is built to bridge the communication gap between policyholders and insurance companies. LINK provides insight into the claim from FNOL until the repairs are completed. This real-time, self-service portal allows policyholders to check the status of an existing claim anytime, anywhere, from any device.

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Streamlining Hail Claims with Symbility

In this webinar, our product specialist will guide you on how your company can streamline the handling of hail claims through the use of Symbility’s Mobile Claims estimating tool and demonstrate a few powerful integrations with Symbility technology partners that can make completing hail claims faster and more accurately than ever before.

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Getting Started with Symbility Mobile Claims

This complimentary webinar has been designed for Independent Adjusters and restoration companies and will cover the basic steps of creating a claim, drawing diagrams, applying items and reviewing the estimate.

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Symbility Business Intelligence

Symbility Business Intelligence™ empowers users to focus on the key aspects of their organization’s claims performance by accessing tools that help shift from reviewing passive reports to exploring results in a more interactive and dynamic environment.

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Modernizing Claims and Engaging Policyholders with Consumer-Driven Technologies

This webinar will leave insurance claims executives and partners in the European Markets with a provocative view of:

  • The past and what’s in store for the future: why past mobile initiatives’ success was limited and how cloud-based and mobile-enabled claims technology can help.
  • What consumer-driven technologies options are available that you need to provide now to your customers to ensure future success? Toolbox of widgets, consumer portal functionality, self-notification, fulfillment selection options, etc.
  • A sneak peak of Symbility’s mobile-enabled consumer facing solution.
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SpatialKey Integration with Symbility Claims Connect

This webinar showcases the SpatialKey integration with Symbility Claims Connect:

  • Single view platform – view policy locations, reported claims and weather events as customizable layers over a map interface.
  • Third party integration – easily order add-ons such as CoreLogic SkyMeasure roof reports and WeatherFusion hail reports directly from the map interface.
  • Export your analysis – export individual records from the dataset or export aggregated data from your geospatial analysis.
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Multiple Assignments/Multiple Participants

This webinar explains how your company can:

  • Leverage the benefits of creating multiple assignments for claims that involve multiple participants.
  • Learn how to engage different stakeholders (insurance carriers, independent adjusters, contractors and policyholders) on the same claim and track their work status.
  • Optimize handling of policyholder status inquiries.
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Learn about Symbility’s New Assemblies Feature

Learn how Assemblies can help your organization leave endless database searches behind and:

  • Save adjuster time
  • Increase field user productivity
  • Improve estimate quality
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Symbility Video Connect

Learn how using this revolutionary mobile technology will:

  • Increase adjuster productivity.
  • Reduce claim cycle time.
  • Improve policyholder satisfaction.
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Water Mitigation Claims with Symbility

The Water Mitigation Tool:

  • Enables estimating mitigation jobs and tracking moisture readings from within the same system.
  • Validates that job adheres to remediation best practices (IICRC S500 standard).
  • Gives visibility to the job including real-time status updates through the Symbility Cloud.
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MagicPlan Tips and Techniques

Symbility MagicPlan allows you to automatically measure rooms, create floorplans and capture signature using just your smartphone.

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