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Symbility Desk Adjuster™, a powerful addition to Symbility Claims Connect, helps insurers centralize small loss handling so you can cut down on outsourcing costs and speed up claim cycle times. That’s enough to make you and your policyholders smile.

This module leverages a patent-pending, logic-based question and answer estimating methodology to establish a consistent, simplified and optimized desk adjusting process. Symbility Desk Adjuster helps companies maximize the effectiveness of their desk claims organization, creating scalability that was not previously possible while helping to accelerate claim cycle and improve policyholder satisfaction.

Reduce Cost

Minimize operational expenses by desk adjusting a larger number of claims.

Customer Expectations

Exceed customer expectations by accelerating claim transaction.

Instant User Expertise

Guided experience helps users with limited construction knowledge produce consistent and high quality claims results.


Escalate claims to field inspectors based on criteria you define.


Dynamic Questionnaire

Intelligent questionnaire combines call script with estimate-building type questions based on your company’s practices. This single dynamic questionnaire helps users ask the right questions to generate consistent results claim after claim.

Expand Your Adjusting Capabilities

Symbility Desk Adjuster enables companies to reduce costs and accelerate claim cycles by handling losses internally over the phone.

Improve Estimate Efficiency

Improve your organization’s claim handling efficiency by leveraging info gathered through the FNOL process to decide which claims require desk adjusting.


Symbility Desk Adjuster recognizes when small loss claims should be escalated to a field adjuster and provides the right tools to make that a fluid and easy process.