Focus on Key Aspects of Claims Performance

This module is seamlessly embedded in Symbility Claims Connect and is powered by Logi Analytics technology. Everyone involved in the claim can use our Business Intelligence module to understand the story the claims data is telling.

With customizable dashboards, you’ll quickly see what needs attention. You can investigate root causes with our interactive template reports and you can monitor progress using industry trends and data mining capabilities.


At-A-Glance Analysis

Dashboards deliver quick identification of areas that require attention and investigation in a single-screen interface.


Interactive report templates enable users to manipulate report content and add custom visualizations on demand, without IT assistance.

Industry Reports

Industry data reports help managers compare company results against data from all claims.

Explore Your Data

Export custom analysis and report template data to build your own mash-ups of information.

Custom Reports

Advanced users can build custom analyses and reports using a library of dimensions and measures in the next-generation report designer.

Get the Details

Understand the story your data is telling by drilling through summary report results, all the way to the individual claim files.


Symbility makes self-service analysis of your business results easy. Intuitive single-screen interfaces and interactive dashboards expand your ability to navigate data associations and extract meaningful insights. Symbility Business Intelligence will help you make better business decisions.