Lucy De Oliveira Vice President, Global Marketing

As vice president of global marketing, Lucy De Oliveira is responsible for overseeing Symbility’s corporate brand strategy and marketing team. Joining Symbility in 2011, Lucy has helped build the company’s brand and presence at a global level. With over 15+ years experience working in the technology sector, Lucy brings deeply rooted expertise in branding, product marketing, public relations, online marketing, and strategic partnership development.

Lucy previously held senior marketing roles for various green energy and software companies including Bullfrog Power, Avokia, SOLCORP (acquired by EDS), Sitraka (acquired by Quest Software) and Alias|Wavefront (acquired by Autodesk).

Lucy enjoys exploring new cities, discovering hidden restaurants, and stumbling upon quirky shops. She has a love for olives that may or may not be attributable to her last name.

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