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The world of insurance is quickly changing.
Technology is advancing, allowing you to do more than ever before in quicker, smarter, and more efficient ways. Policyholders are also evolving, demanding a more personal, involved, and high-tech customer experience.

Don’t get left in the past. Team up with Symbility and CLAIM THE FUTURE.

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Certified Safe

Symbility’s Insurance Software is Certified Safe to Protect Your Valuable Data

You deal with a lot of important and confidential information on a daily basis, the last thing you need is a security breach. We understand how important the safety of your data is to not only your business reputation, but your policyholders as well. Symbility has put in rigorous processes and checks and balances to ensure that we’re the only claims estimating platform that is ISO Certified. Protect yourself.

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99.99% Uptime

Symbility is Your Reliable Partner

Your software can’t go down in the middle of processing your policyholder’s claim. Symbility’s cloud-based claims management platform has been online and available 99.9% of the time since 2004. We take the extra mile to ensure that our software is available whenever you need it. Your business is our business, and we won’t let you down so you don’t let your customers down.

Step-by-Step Claim Management

Symbility Helps You Stay On Top Of Your Claims

Let’s face it - the claims business is chaotic. You have a million things on the go at any one time. New claims are always coming in before the old ones have been completed and closed out. How can you stay on top of everything? Symbility’s newly redesigned claim management and workflow software makes sure that you never lose track of a single task that needs to be completed, who’s completing it, and where they’re currently at on that task. Symbility helps you keep your claims moving. Learn More.

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Access Real-Time Data

Symbility Gives You Access To The Right Data At The Right Time

Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on key aspects of your claims performance? Symbility makes self-service analysis of your business results easy. Intuitive single-screen interfaces and interactive dashboards expand your ability to navigate data associations and extract meaningful insights. Make better business decisions.

Move Fast, Build Smarter

Symbility Works For Both You AND Your Users

You know that when you create a new product it has to help both your business and your customers, but finding the right balance is tricky. Symbility understands how to get to the real root of a problem and builds solutions that work and benefit everyone, creating great user experiences and business value at the same time. Learn More.

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Quick Development & Prototyping

Symbility Helps Companies Innovate And Get To Market Quickly

You know that your company needs to innovate to keep up with the ever evolving market. You have great ideas, but sometimes the process internally can move way too slowly or bogged down by red tape. You need a partner that can move fast, but remain smart. Symbility has helped many fortune 500 companies to act quickly by prototyping products and getting them into market. Learn More.

It's Entirely Possible

Symbility Helps You Create Products With Impact

You want your brand and your products to be easily differentiated from all the others in the market. Symbility specializes in building experiences that users don’t just need to use, but want to use, making your brand memorable in the eyes of consumers.

Let's Claim YOUR Future

The world of insurance is changing and it’s entirely possible for your business to change too. Bring your work, your employees, and your customers out of the past with you.

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