How To Make a Simple User Testing Plan

A user testing plan is the simplest way to guide your testing and ensure it’s being conducted effectively. It’s especially useful to map out and help demonstrate why user testing is so vital – or you could always just show them our last article. In it, we go over how user testing is tied back... [Read More]

Everything You Need to Know to Start User Testing

If you aren’t user testing, you aren’t building a great product. User testing is how companies validate what they want to put in market (or what they already have) with who will actually be using it. Without it, products are really only a collection of guesses and (possibly misguided) intuition on what a customer might... [Read More]

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Lessons Learned On The Path To Building Microservices

Microservices has become a hot tech buzzword in the last couple of years, made even more popular by Netflix. Just look at these search results on YouTube for an example of what I mean. There are numerous advantages when building a system with many components, but we will not be diving into those for this... [Read More]

Reinforcement Learning – What Action Should I Take To Maximize My Reward?

If you haven’t read it, check out my previous post that serves as a part 1, as this article is going to expand on what we learned there. In our previous post, we investigated states, actions, and what the core concept of reinforcement learning is. From here we’re going to look into weights, policies, and... [Read More]

Eleven Projects In Sixteen Weeks: My Immersive Learning Experience With Intersect

Sixteen weeks ago, I joined the Symbility Intersect team as one of the Product Coordinators for the Fall 2017 term. As this Co-Op term comes to a close, I can unequivocally say that this has been my most rewarding and educational work experience thus far. Specifically, working on the Product Management team has been such... [Read More]