Intersect’s 4th Annual Bike Day

What’s summer for a child without a bike? Learning to ride a bike gives kids confidence, a feeling of independence, and pure joy. Unfortunately though, not every kid is given the chance to experience these things due to circumstances beyond their control. While we wish that we could help every child around the world feel... [Read More]

Memoirs of an Intern

After 8 months, my time as a Product Design Intern here at Intersect is coming to a close. I’ve drawn a lot of boxes during my time here, and would gladly stay here forever if I didn’t have to return to that thing called “school”. Before I leave, I want to share some of my... [Read More]

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SingularityU Canada and Symbility Intersect Announce Joint Effort to Build Better Futures Through Technology Enablement

The team at Intersect and I are proud to announce a new and exciting project to support SingularityU Canada and its mission to inspire and enable exponential technology and innovation across the country. Our first activity will be to support SingularityU Canada’s launch of the inaugural SingularityU Canada Executive Program this spring in Niagara-on-the-Lake. As... [Read More]

Women Who Kill It

We wouldn’t be who we are without our people. And it just so happens that a lot of our people are women. At Intersect, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of inclusiveness and growth, but it’s no secret that women in technology face unique challenges. We asked some of Intersect’s leading ladies to share their experiences and keys to success in tech (and life). Here’s what they had to say. [Read More]

How Your Brand Can Win In The Future of Retail

For your brand to succeed, you must prioritize customer experience over everything. Putting the customer first shouldn’t be a simple discussion during weekly or monthly marketing meetings. It means building out every facet of your business to serve the relationship between your customer and the product. Retailers who are winning today, and will continue to... [Read More]