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On the morning of November 20th, we will be hosting our next Intrapreneur Alliance event on Behaviour Change, Communication, and Intrapreneurs. We’ve curated an insightful panel of guests, that cross a variety of disciples, to explore and discuss why the intrapreneurial process can sometimes be so hard and give us advice on what can be done to make the process of transforming into an innovative culture inside your company easier.

Intrapreneur-type people are attracted to companies who say they have an innovative culture or are shifting towards one. However, an organization that boasts having an innovative culture and actually having one or being able to do foster one are two completely separate realities and Sean Hayes, Clinical Psychologist and Organizational Behaviour Strategist, believes it’s because these companies don’t completely understand what changing behaviours actually entails. Humans are not always rational beings and just because they’re told they need to change and have a fancy plan presented in a beautiful PowerPoint presentation does not mean that they can or will change their behaviour.

Here is how Sean, one of our expert panellists for our event, sees it:

Sean points out that most of the time when change is hard, it’s because we’re subconsciously adverse to change. We can have the best of intentions, but that still doesn’t mean we’re ready to make necessary changes.

So what can we do to make sure that we’re really ready to change and transform our companies into the innovative cultures we really want them to be? Well, join us on the morning of November 20 to find out and add your thoughts to the discussion.

You can register to attend Behaviour Change, Communication, and Intrapreneurs here. Space is limited, so save your seat today.