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Change happens from within, and, increasingly, it’s happening from inside large organizations. Big players like MLSE, Virgin Mobile, Scotiabank, CIBC, Canada Post, and Morneau Shepell are creating cultural shifts that break all the rules about who can innovate and who can’t. Leading the charge is a group of renegades we call “Intrapreneurs.” They bring their entrepreneurial mindsets to big challenges with the walls of their workplaces, envisioning broad possibilities and creating even bigger impacts. Intersect works with them, and we believe we should celebrate them, too. Why? The value of their work is immeasurable, and they’re moving that invisible, ever-shifting needle called “innovation.” Because they are unsung heroes whose work often flies under the radar. Because you don’t have to be a startup to think and act like one.

Because the next big thing might not come from four people working in a garage.

Our new Q&A series on Intrapreneurs will tackle the who, what, how, and why of changemakers working from the inside out. Who is winning by doing innovation right? How do you create a corporate culture that is truly innovative in practice – rather than just innovation theatre? How do you hire and retain the right talent to support entrepreneurial thinking? Do corporate innovation labs really work? We’re asking, and the intrapreneurs we’re talking to have some remarkable insights on what works and what doesn’t.

The Intrapreneur Alliance Journal is just the beginning. Join us at our first quarterly Intrepreneur Alliance Meetup happening this fall at Intersect HQ to hear from and delve into the world of these corporate change agents.

Last but not least, if know someone who should be a part of the Intrapreneur Alliance (including yourself!) please nominate them here.

To the Future.
Paul Crowe
CEO, Intersect