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Coming up with an idea is only part of an intrapreneur’s battle. The other, and arguably larger and harder part, is discovering ways to make that idea happen.

While doing some research around how people and companies make their ideas happen, we came across this TED Talk fromScott Belsky, the founder and CEO of Behance, an organization that develops products and services for creative industries. Not only does Belsky run a company that is focused on helping people make their ideas come to life, but he has also turned it into his life’s passion. So, who better to take some advice from?

In his TED Talk, Belsky comments that unfortunately, “most ideas never happen.” He continues, saying that having an idea gives us a high, but making that idea come to life is incredibly arduous, so most people move on and just return to the high of coming up with a brand new idea. He says that these ideas never get followed through on because people and companies usually lack three things; proper organization to make ideas come to fruition, accountability for the ideas, and proper leadership to usher the idea through to completion.

Luckily, over his years of research and experience on the subject, Belsky has discovered a formula that can help move ideas through to completed projects. He believes that proper organization, communal forces, and leadership capabilities need to all come together to be successful.


Key components of organization are the way that people manage themselves, their workflows, their workloads, their energy to make things happen and more. Most importantly, Belsky says that people who really excel on the organization front are the ones that are focused on action steps. People who are not worried about the fluff, but instead focus on what steps need to be taken to move forward are the ones who are more likely to see an idea through to its end.

Communal Forces

Communal forces refers to everything surrounding an idea. This could be your co-workers, the company’s customers, the industry in general, and even the competition. Belsky believes that people feed off of one another, but also help to balance each other out. Finding the right team balance can be instrumental in making ideas come to life. He also believes that competition is a healthy part of that balance because it can be a big motivational force. Whether it’s competition from a rival company or competition with someone on your own team, a competitive spirit can help to push things forward and also make people strive to do better.


Lastly, Belsky points out that leadership can make or break the process of making an idea reality. The way that you can keep on top of everything and make sure that an idea makes it across that finish line is incredibly important. Good leaders need to understand all of the people on their teams and their capabilities, and then empower the right people at the right time to get the project done.

If you’d like a deeper dive into what Belsky thinks can help make your ideas actually happen, check out his full TED Talk below.

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