Q&A with Jennifer Campbell

Canada Post is a 250-year-old monolith that aims to move at the speed of a startup. Jennifer Campbell has applied her intrapreneurial mindset to help the organization reimagine how it makes money, leading its marketing, direct mail, and personal delivery products and services. Canada Post is now the number one parcel-delivery service in Canada, and... [Read More]

Q&A with Michael Cohen

After building a startup in university, Michael Cohen was hooked. He knew he would be an entrepreneur for life. Then, he went one step further and became an intrapreneur. Michael honed this creative mindset at LoyaltyOne, learning to take risks, fail fast, and think beyond tradition. Now, as Director of Digital Strategy and Product Development... [Read More]

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Q&A with Ronish Pahwa

Insurance and innovation haven’t historically gone hand in hand, and that’s what Ronish Pahwa loves about his job. At Northbridge Financial, he’s taking an age-old industry and flipping it on its head, helping to pioneer a bold, customer-first approach that builds trust and positions Northbridge as more than just another insurance company. So, how does... [Read More]

Q&A with Heidi Tsao

Good design is innovation. And in great products, you’ll find entrepreneurial thinking built into the tiniest corners. This is a principle Heidi Tsao carries into her work each day as Director, Digital Experience for HR consulting firm Morneau Shepell. The company’s embedded team of intrapreneurs works with partners like Intersect to innovate client products and... [Read More]

The Intrapreneur Alliance Journal

Change happens from within, and, increasingly, it’s happening from inside large organizations. Big players like MLSE, Virgin Mobile, Scotiabank, CIBC, Canada Post, and Morneau Shepell are creating cultural shifts that break all the rules about who can innovate and who can’t. Leading the charge is a group of renegades we call “Intrapreneurs.” They bring their... [Read More]