Disruption: The Common Thread Between Startups And Innovative Companies

In the world of innovation, there seems to be two different types of companies operating. There are startups, whose goal is to come up with the next big thing so that they can grow. Then, there are the established companies who know they need to innovate to stay at the top of their game, and... [Read More]

Join A Community Of Like-Minded Intrapreneurs

It’s been almost a full year since we started up the Intrapreneur Alliance. In that time we’ve hosted three Intrapreneur Alliance events, published over 40 articles on the Intrapreneur Alliance Journal including interviews with over 30 intrapreneurs, and amassed a large following of current, past, and soon-to-be intrapreneurs. Now we’re ready to take the Intrapreneur... [Read More]

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Saul Colt Explains How He Makes Ideas Happen

The first step in any intrapreneur’s journey is coming up with an idea. Innovative ideas can seemingly come from nowhere or can be coaxed during specific brainstorming sessions. The power of an idea makes innovation possible, but where do good ideas come from? Saul Colt is a man that comes up with ideas for a... [Read More]

3 Ways Companies Can Help Employees To Think Like Intrapreneurs This Summer

Intrapreneurs are an invaluable resource to businesses as they can brainstorm new ideas and ways  implement them keeping organizations healthy and relevant well into the future. Employees can do this by innovating on old products, old processes, or even coming up with brand new streams of revenue. In some cases, these intrapreneurial spirits will step... [Read More]

4 Ways To Become a (Better) Intrapreneur This Summer

Summer is here and for some people they may find things slowing down at work. We know that true intrapreneurs will take the opportunity to use this little bit of extra time to try to make their ideas move forward. We’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few months speaking with intrapreneurs... [Read More]

For Innovation To Truly Work, Focus On This

Many businesses understand that as their marketplaces and customers evolve, they need to innovate to remain relevant and viable. However, innovation needs to be smart and strategic and not every company approaches it as such. A recent conversation with Andrew Wallace, a product director at Symbility Intersect, helps shed some light on this issue. Andrew,... [Read More]

Interview with Nav Bubber

There are a wide variety of ideas and insights on how a company can grow and better serve their customers through an empowered workforce. That’s why Meridian Credit Union set up their M-Lab, an internal innovation hub led by their VP of Innovation, Nav Bubber. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Nav... [Read More]

3 Ways Intrapreneurs Can Get Their Ideas Heard

Being an intrapreneur isn’t just about having an innovative idea for your company, it’s also about sharing them with the right people and knowing how to making them come to life. Some organizations encourage their employees to speak up and bring their thoughts forward through ideation-type platforms to ensure they get these transformative suggestions in... [Read More]

Interview with Marlon Hylton

When you think of intrapreneurship, lawyers probably aren’t the first people to pop into your mind. But to say that lawyers can’t be innovative and intrapreneurs would be wrong. Recently, we sat down with Marlon Hylton of the Toronto law firm Cassels Brock to learn just how he became an intrapreneur in this field. Like... [Read More]

Cannibalize Yourself – Before Someone Else Does It To You

At our 3rd installment of the Intrapreneur Alliance Meetup, our guest speaker, Jeff Goldenberg, was asked about the importance of why companies must keep innovating. In his candid response, he responded that it seemed that many organizations were too afraid to actually do so. His answer rang really true to us… Jeff said “Companies that... [Read More]