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All intrapreneurs strive to innovate. They want to create change to benefit their company. The problem with innovation though is that most people only think about the final output. The problem with that thinking is that is that innovation itself is actually a process -with orchestrated steps and it can sometimes be a long and arduous journey.

There are quite a few things that intrapreneurs can do to make sure their innovation process isn’t so laborious and it starts with laying a proper foundation.

Through our experience, we’ve found that establishing a proper foundation for intrapreneurs to create true innovation relies on three main pillars; People, Process, and Tools. Getting these three things right at the start of your journey will make it easier, and likely more satisfying.

On the morning of Tuesday, November 21st, we will be hosting the next edition of the Intrapreneur Alliance Live Series, and we want you to join us. This breakfast event will feature a panel of experts consisting of four innovators and intrapreneurs. They will showcase their experiences (both good and bad) on their strides in making innovation happen and how the People, Processes, and Tools they used (or didn’t use) played a big role in helping them to get to their end results. If you’d like to join us, please RSVP through our EventBrite page.

The panel will consist of:

Michael Cohen, General Manager of Zero Gravity Labs at LoyaltyOne

Michael heads up a team that is exploring ways to change the face of loyalty and customer experience within the retail and banking industries.

Candice Faktor, Partner at Faktory Ventures

Candice is an entrepreneur and investor with a passion for disruptive tech who, among her many career accomplishments, was a key player in the launches of Wattpad and Torstar Digital.

Syd Millett, Director of Innovation at RBC

Syd leads RBC’s innovation division and is focused on creating the future and guiding the next class of intrapreneurs.

Karim Adwad, Creative Director, Strategist, Founder, Designer

Karim has made a career for himself working with organizations large and small to create amazing digital experiences, as well as leading successful projects with global brands and advising with several startups.

And our panel will be hosted by the Intrapreneur Alliance’s good friend, Karla Congson, the CEO of collective.iq

We hope that you’ll be able to join us for what is sure to be an interesting panel about how you can set you and your company up for innovation success.

For full details of the event and to RSVP, please head over to our EventBrite page. Space is limited for this event, so register soon!