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It’s been almost a full year since we started up the Intrapreneur Alliance. In that time we’ve hosted three Intrapreneur Alliance events, published over 40 articles on the Intrapreneur Alliance Journal including interviews with over 30 intrapreneurs, and amassed a large following of current, past, and soon-to-be intrapreneurs.

Now we’re ready to take the Intrapreneur Alliance to the next level.

Recently we sent out a survey to members of the Intrapreneur Alliance asking what would be most helpful to them as intrapreneurs. Of all the questions we asked, the greatest response that we received said that having an online forum where intrapreneurs could meet, talk with one another, share ideas, ask questions, and create a real sense of community, would be hugely beneficial. So we listened.

Today we’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve created the Intrapreneur Alliance Facebook Group!

IA on Facebook

We created this group with you, changemakers within established companies and organizations, in mind. We want this group to feel like a community where you can engage, support, educate, and challenge your peers. We want intrapreneurs from around the world to be able to join this group and feel at home with like-minded people.

While we highly encourage you to join this group and contribute, we will also be helping to supplement content and discussions along the way. This group will be the first place where Intrapreneur Alliance Journal articles will get posted. It will also be where we will announce any upcoming Intrapreneur Alliance live events – taking this online community into the real world.

So come and join us and your fellow intrapreneurs on Facebook today! Join the group. Read our always updating important community information. Say hello. Be a part of the conversation.

We look forward to having you in the community and helping us to shine a light on the value and importance of intrapreneurs.

See you on Facebook!