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There are a wide variety of ideas and insights on how a company can grow and better serve their customers through an empowered workforce. That’s why Meridian Credit Union set up their M-Lab, an internal innovation hub led by their VP of Innovation, Nav Bubber. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Nav to learn more about why innovation is so important for a company that operates in a heavily-competitive market.

During this interview, Nav explains why intrapreneurship is an approach that Meridian wants all of their employees to embrace. Thinking like an intrapreneur means that all Meridian employees take ownership of their roles and are encouraged to think up new and better ways of completing the required work. It also encourages employees to make suggestions on improvements that could benefit the company as a whole and their credit union members through their ideation platform. This platform connects them directly to Nav’s new M-Lab team who helps to guide the employees through the ideas and stages of innovation.

He also sheds some insights about some of his personal and interesting hobbies outside of work, such as flying, rebuilding classic cars, and running in the ultra marathon that he is currently training for. Each of these hobbies has had a unique impact on Nav and influences how he thinks about innovation and business.

Check out the full interview with Nav below: