AdminCare powered by flexTPA

A bilingual, user friendly web-based application that gives you complete control over the management of your group benefits administration.

Flexibility is Key

Customize AdminCare with your company logo and make it your own. Fully integrated with Symbility Health’s AdjudiCare, or used on its own as a standalone Healthcare Administrative system, AdminCare offers new efficiencies and capabilities that can grow and modernize your business.

Making it Easy

Feel confident with our secured, online functions that serve to make data entry simple and enforce critical benefit rules with just a few clicks. Additionally, you will have greater benefit calculated premiums regardless if it is fully funded by the employer, cost sharing with the employee or fully funded by the employee.


With AdminCare, client and group information is entered once and shared across multiple healthcare carriers. Gone are the days of entering the same info over and over again.

Intuitive Rules

AdminCare stays on top of changes for you! Its dynamic group benefit admin rules reacts to any data changes made. With AdminCare’s ability to pre-fill statements, your one consolidated invoice can include; multiple carriers, funding arrangements, contribution arrangements and commissions.

Rapid Plan Design

Group benefits administration is simple with our rapid plan design and renewal processes. You can even extend access with varying authority levels to Plan Administrators and Members, giving them access to critical information, meaning life event changes are performed faster than ever before.

Get Accurate

AdminCare will calculate adjustments against even the most complex endorsements to ensure your Consolidated Benefit Billing Statements are always correct.