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TORONTO, ONTARIO — (December 08, 2016) Symbility Solutions Inc. (“Symbility” or the “Company”) (TSX.V: SY), a global software company focused on modernizing the insurance industry, is pleased to announce that the P&V Group, a cooperative insurance group based in Belgium, has signed a multi-year contract with the Company to offer their claims adjudication solutions to insurance agents and brokers across the country.

Founded in 1907, the P&V Group uses independent insurance brokers and agents to service institutional and retail clients directly in both the public and non-public sectors. As one of the largest insurers in Belgium, the P&V Group oversees multiple brands and will now offer a suite of Symbility products including: Symbility Claims Connect®, Symbility Mobile Claims® and Symbility Video Connect™ through their nationwide distribution channels and brands. With solutions such as Claims Connect, the P&V Group ensures that customers are guaranteed full transparency in the claims adjudication process in addition to leveraging top-tier technology.

“We are very pleased to further expand our global footprint and presence in Belgium by working alongside the P&V Group, one of the leading and oldest insurers in the country,” offered James Swayze, CEO of Symbility Solutions. “We continue to see demand for new and innovative technologies that are efficient and transparent in the claims adjudication process. In working with the P&V Group, our solutions will be leveraged across hundreds of distribution channels and support a wide range of different stakeholders in the process.”

“We are thrilled to be providing world-class software solutions to our vast network of industry stakeholders that ensures our customers receive an unparalleled experience,” said Patrick Cautaerts, Manager of Technical Inspection and External Networks. “We look forward to using Symbility’s collection of solutions to support our different brands and distribution channels across the country.”

P&V Group is a cooperative insurance group in Belgium. The organization provides insurance solutions to individuals, businesses and institutions through its various distribution channels and brands. For more information, please visit www.pv.be and www.vivium.be.